Samai Spa

Samai Spa

Spa - Angkor Howard Hotel - Siem Reap Cambodia


Everyone needs a little pampering and the hotel’s Samai Spa is just the place to relax and let the local Khmer therapists work a little magic into those tired muscles and joints. Cambodia has a long wellness tradition that includes ancient Khmer massage styles and the use of locally-sourced spices and herbs.

These are incorporated into the modern and serene sanctuary of Samai Spa to enable guests to fully relax and be rejuvenated by one of several treatments on offer.

Samai Spa Facilities

  • Khmer massage rooms
  • Aromatic Oil Massage rooms
  • Couples massage rooms
  • Foot-massage rooms
  • Male & female changing room with sauna
  • Wellness Relaxation Area

Signature Spa Treatments

Spa - Angkor Howard Hotel - Siem Reap Cambodia


Foot Reflexology (30 minutes OR 60 minutes)
Allow our therapists to apply pressure to specific reflex points on your feet which correspond to different body organs and systems. This treatment rejuvenates the body, your general health and specific organs.

Traditional Khmer Massage (60 minutes)
Cambodian-styled massage has evolved from ancient water rituals and now incorporates modern styles and techniques from around the globe. This blissful deep tissue massage is gentler than other styles of Asian massage. It involves soothing back, legs and shoulder massage and kneading to make you totally relaxed. A traditional Khmer massage is ideal for jet lag and general tiredness.

Aromatic Oil Massage (60 minutes)
This spa treatment is similar to the traditional Khmer massage but is enhanced through the use of aromatic oils to completely sooth the skin and stimulate the senses. Choose from three oils – lavender, jasmine or relaxing (a blend of traditional local oils). Concentrated natural aromatherapy essential oils promote circulation, help with tissue recovery and reduce pain. Essential oils are especially good after physical exertion making their use ideal after a day’s sightseeing around the Angkor monuments.

Hot Herbal Compress (90 minutes)
A Khmer Hot Herbal induces deep relaxation, relieves stress, and helps improve blood circulation and lymph circulation as well as stimulating the internal organs. Using traditional Khmer medicinal herbs, this treatment helps alleviate pain, stiffness and soreness of the muscles and ligaments. As such, a hot herbal compress is perfect for those seeking a uniquely local treatment after exercising.

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Samai Spa Aromatherapy - Angkor Howard Hotel - Siem Reap Cambodia